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Which Ninja Turtle Are You?

I have been writing for Asphalt-stars for 19 months, and I’ve released 267 short articles covering basically every asphalt-stars subject imaginable. While driving to meet my friend Jason at CoreBody in Decatur for some workout guidance yesterday (if you stay in Atlanta as well as you’re trying to find a terrific trainer, by the way, Jason’s your individual), I realized I had never composed a solitary thing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

For that, dear Asphalt-stars reader, I apologize.

I do not understand about you, but I matured with the Ninja Turtles: I viewed the cartoon, owned the very first two motion pictures on VHS (the 3rd one sucked though), put on Ninja Turtles pajamas, loved TMNT2: The Arcade Game, as well as I, can still do the dancing from Vanilla Ice’s cameo in the 2nd film.

“Go ninja go ninja go!”

With this being a safe house of asphalt stars, fitness fanatics, I believed today would undoubtedly be a fantastic opportunity to assess the ins and outs of the characters of each turtle as well as how they can apply to your very own health and fitness training. After that, we can go over which personality most resembles your training style or which turtle you would undoubtedly like to version yourself after.

Oh, and never mind informing me which turtle is the best, because we all understand the answer.


The Turtle: Leonardo is the team leader of the Ninja Turtles: he’s a little older, wiser, and research studies more difficult to perfect his abilities than any one of the others. Constantly attempting to find out as long as possible from Master Splinter, this blue-masked turtle takes his life seriously and tries to lead by instance. Although he loves his bros, Leo commonly frets that they don’t train with sufficient dedication. He is typically the calmest of the lot. However, that does not imply you must piss him off– this badass will light you up like a Christmas tree with his two katana blades if you make him mad.

The Human: You are Leonardo, and also, you take your physical fitness training so seriously. You wake up at the exact moment each morning, go to sleep at the same time each evening, constantly eat healthy structured dishes, and train with outright conviction. You search the internet for physical fitness blogs, you review any publication or publication that will certainly assist you along your trip, and your time invested working out is always considered a possibility to press tougher or discover more.

Although you still have fun with your buddies, you consume well on the weekend breaks. You’re the responsible one in your team, and also you try to set examples for those around you by making good decisions at all times. You’re rational, take objection well, and are often looking for ways to better yourself.


The Turtle: Don is a ninja who could wear purple and escape it. Using his bo staff, Don will certainly censure any opponent with medical accuracy. Extensively thought-about to be the smartest Ninja Turtle, Donatello is a known for his abilities as a scientist, creator, engineer, and technically brilliant. Since he’s so damn smart, he does what he can to prevent dispute when possible, rather than solving situations with his cunning intelligence. He likes repairing things, socializing with his siblings, and creating strategies to defeat the wicked Shredder.

How you train: You are Donatello, as well as you are one ANALytical s.o.b. Before you stroll right into a health club or begin a run, you have a specific game plan– precisely the amount of collections, reps, and also exercises (or how far and quick you require to run) to be much better than last time. You most likely have a success sheet on your computer that has chronicled your previous couple of months of training with charts to reveal your progression, stamina, and weak points. You count every calorie you consume on SparkPeople.com or DailyBurn.com, and also you most likely consider it on your daily.

You’re always trying to find a method to improve, whether it’s new equipment that can shave a couple of secs off your time, a brand-new exercise that can develop muscular tissue with greater effectiveness or a minor adjustment to your diet plan that can drop your body fat by a portion factor.


The Turtle: Raph is recognized for his quick temper, ironical deadpan wit, and ability to do significant damage with his deadly set of sai. This red-masked turtle is hugely hostile, never hesitating to toss the initial strike. He typically chooses to go out and make points on his own, which can get him right into a difficulty when he bites off more remarkable than he can chew, overestimating abilities. Stubborn, a mule known for going to emotional extremes, Raph tends to berserk while in battle. Don’t make him upset.

How you train: You are Raphael, and you such as to introduce only you. When at the gym, you go into “the zone:” earphones in, block out whatever around you, focusing only on the available task. You can press with discomfort and restrictions, often accomplishing accomplishments that you previously assumed impossible. If you’re a weight lifter, it implies you can pump on your own as much as raise much heavier than average; if you’re a runner, it means you constantly have something left in the storage tank for those last thirty seconds.

Nevertheless, you’re likewise quite stubborn, which implies you have a tough time providing any less than 100% and will undoubtedly approve absolutely nothing much less, which suggests you’re much more prone to over-training and injury. You don’t take objection quite possibly, as you would certainly instead discover the hard way by trying it on your own before finding it from somebody else.


The Turtle: Youngest of the lot, Michelangelo “is an event man!” Mikey attempts not to take life (or his training) too seriously, but that doesn’t imply he’s a pushover– he’ll still have you with his nunchakus. Light-hearted, pleasant, and also non-confrontational, this orange-masked reptile appreciates investing his time skateboarding via drains, reading comic books, as well as splitting jokes. Mike has “an unparalleled level of sensitivity to the feelings of those around him and also. As a result, it feels a really fundamental and also serious requirement to assist those much less privileged.” Thanks, Wikipedia!

Oh, and no one loves pizza more than him.

The Trainer: You’re Michelangelo, and you are a free spirit when it comes to your training. You would undoubtedly favor getting your workout through rock-climbing, yoga, and browsing as opposed to spending one min in a stuffy gym with a bunch of stiffs. If you are a runner, you do so barefoot, without a stop-watch, and also you do it because you appreciate it.

You try not to take life seriously either– sure, you eat healthy and balanced (and all-natural) when possible, yet if someone placed a plate of hot wings or cookies in front of you, you would certainly still eat them. The globe is a significant playground– the sunlight is shining, the waves are collapsing, and you’re grinning.

Which turtle are you?

In the remarks, I don’t want you to debate which turtle is the best because we all recognize it’s Raphael.

Instead, I want you to think of which turtle above many very closely resembles your training technique (or your intended training technique).

Below’s me– At the end of the day, above all, I’m Raphael– I like to train alone and can usually push myself hard. Though I also resemble Leo: I try to lead by example, constantly discover, and do what I can to take my training seriously. I’m attempting to include even more of Michelangelo’s outdoor training, and I wish to be more logical of my workouts like Donatello.

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